Our Facilities

Our Sanctuary

Immanuel’s architecture is modified Gothic, as indicated by its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, sculpturing, and stained glass windows. The people of the Middle Ages believed that light best portrays God, Christ was referred to as Lux Nova (New Light). Sculpture and stained glass windows were pictorial because they served as teaching tools, necessary because most people in the Middle Ages were illiterate.The entire church was originally decorated in old German glass, which was gray like that in the entrances. Imagine seeing these windows change one by one from gray to brilliant colors, looking carefully at each one as the early saints did. As you look at each one, offer thanks for the lives of those who gave these windows, and for whom they were given.

Our Stained Glass

Most of our stained glass was designed by the noted Delaware River Valley artist Frank Schoonover, who was a long-time member of Immanuel. Below is a booklet that tells the story of our stained glass windows

Our Community Partners